Couch to 5K: Week 2, Day 1

Well, it certainly went better than Week 1, Day 3 on Saturday.

I didn’t want to talk about it then because I was ashamed for quitting about halfway through.  I was running outside for the first time, on an empty stomach sloshing around with coffee from that morning.  I was cold, hungry, thirsty, and jittery.  I talked to my friend Krista about it yesterday, and she asked me what I learned.  I joked: “I wanted to die?”

But really, she has a point.  I learned (with her help) to drink water steadily throughout the day before running, not coffee, to eat a small, protein-rich snack about half an hour before I run, run inside or dress more warmly, and start off a little bit slower.

Last night I ran W2D1.  I completed the workout (5 intervals: 90 seconds of running alternating with 2 minutes of walking), although I did start walking 15 seconds early on Interval 4 and 5 seconds early on Interval 5.  Had I been paying attention on Interval 5 and realized that I only had 5 seconds to go, I would have pushed through to the end.

I did have too much to eat and drink beforehand, and when I was doing my 5-minute cool-down walk, I felt like I was going to throw up.  Apparently, sitting in the sauna for a few minutes afterward helps with that.  Or maybe it was just sitting down at all.

But I feel like for the most part, yesterday went waaaaaaaaay better than Saturday.  It’s nice to feel some sort of accomplishment.  I can’t believe I ran 90 seconds without stopping!  It may sound small, but to a non-runner exercise-avoider like me, it really is an accomplishment.

Next goal: to complete Week 2, Day 2 tomorrow (Wednesday) or Thursday — depending on when I can cajole my husband and/or parents into watching my son — and run each interval all the way through the 90 seconds.

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4 responses to “Couch to 5K: Week 2, Day 1

  1. Awe thanks so much for the mention! I find it so motivational to watch other people’s progress, and (I hope it’s not creepy), but I’ll be trying to keep up with you!

    I totally admire and respect your honesty, and share your sense of pride in those 90 seconds of running! Keep up the good work, and see you after W2D2!

    • Mel

      No no! Not creepy. I love my stalkers. 🙂

      You inspired me to be honest about what I did and didn’t do. Reading your post, I felt like opening up about my shortcomings in this program was the right thing to do. It’s reality. And this blog of mine is not fiction, so I want to stay true to reality.

      I’ll be keeping up with you as well — you’re the only one so far that’s on the same schedule as me, week-wise anyway. Good luck to you for W2D2 (not that you need it)!

  2. Squale

    I,m ready and inspired by this blog I stumbled on,sounds like something I just may do! lol
    Im gonna save this blog and join in,and in the meantime would love to read your guys progress,it just may make me stick with it.

    keep going 🙂

  3. Hey Mel, what happened to you? No postings in a while. Come back to us! I’m still stalking you and your C25K progress!

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